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8 thoughts on “ Megalomania

  1. Aug 13,  · Megalomania: A delusional state where a person believes that they are superior to others. They may believe themselves to be a god, a famous person or a gifted athlete. They may feel they have great social, political or other powers. It is generally considered a symptom of other manic or paranoid disorders.
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  3. Black Sabbath "Megalomania": I hide myself inside the shadows of shame The silent symphonies were playing their game My body echo.
  4. This is a yang pattern, mostly from fullness. Usually the symptoms are megalomania, enhanced memory, verbal aggressiveness, and insults aimed at relatives and strangers alike; in severe cases the patient undresses, climbs up somewhere high and sings.
  5. a person who acts as though he or she knows everything and who dismisses the opinions, comments, or suggestions of others. a person who spends possessions or money extravagantly or .
  6. Megalomania definition is - a mania for great or grandiose performance. How to use megalomania in a sentence.
  7. The definition of megalomania is a mental illness where the person believes they are very important and superior, or a tendency to do very extravagant things. An example of megalomania is a mentally ill person who thinks they are the Queen of England.
  8. meg·a·lo·ma·ni·a (mĕg′ə-lō-mā′nē-ə, -mān′yə) n. 1. A psychopathological condition characterized by delusional fantasies of wealth, power, or omnipotence. 2. An obsession with grandiose or extravagant things or actions. meg′a·lo·ma′ni·ac′ n. meg′a·lo·ma·ni′a·cal (-mə-nī′ə-kəl), meg′a·lo·man′ic (-măn′ĭk.

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